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Meek Mill Heard Illmatic For The First Time In 2014

meek illmatic

Meek Mill is easily one of the most high octane rappers out right now, but would you believe the guy who grew up on Philly’s battle circuit didn’t hear Nas’ classic debut album in full until 2014?

Over the weekend, Shaheem Reid revealed that he has an interview with Meek coming soon, and during their conversation, Nicki’s new bae reveals that he didn’t hear Illmatic until he was in prison last year. It immediately reminded us of Fiascogate, when Lupe admitted to not hearing Midnight Marauders for a majority of his life. How could Meek have never heard what is arguably hip-hop’s Bible?

Nonetheless, Meek’s return was set in stone this weekend with his “Welcome Back” concert, during which he brought out legends like Beanie Sigel, Young Gunz, and the one and only Allen Iverson. You can watch footage of the concert below.

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