Raekwon Reveals The Reasoning Behind The Order Of Wu-Tang Clan’s Solo Albums


Every Wu-Tang fan has an understanding of what went into the release of their early albums. However, Raekwon explained that the order in which they were released had more to do with the fans than they think. During his recent interview with Day 1 Radio, Raekwon went in-depth about how the Wu went about releasing their first solo albums. He also revealed that the sequence in which the group released their individual bodies of work had a lot to do with the opinions of their fans.

“At that time I was already off to the races,” he said. “It was already designed for that but one thing about us was we wanted the people to call out who they wanted to hear an album from. [It wasn’t] like I had to write an album because I was supposed to come out now. Nah, people was like, ‘We want this nigga’s shit now.'”

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Raekwon also spoke more about his upcoming album Fly International Luxurious Art (F.I.L.A). The Chef has been working on his seventh solo for quite some time and was supposed to release it early last year. Even though he was initially against the Wu project, Rae explained that his album release clashed with Wu-Tang’s release of A Better Tomorrow and wanted to push it back.

“It just took a little second for me to get it tight though,” Raekwon said. “But when I was ready to release it I couldn’t release it on top of what my brothers was doing at the time so I just pushed it back.”

Fly International Luxurious Art (F.I.L.A) is set to finally drop on April 28th. Listen to the interview in full below.

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