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Earl Sweatshirt Shits On Sony For Botched Album Released


Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside popped up on iTunes out of nowhere about a week ago, accompanied by a new song, “Grief.” Soon after, he took to Twitter, appearing angry but taking something of a trollish tone:

He wasn’t trolling. Today, NPR published an hour-long interview with young Earl, and it begins with a description of how exactly Sony fucked up Earl’s release. From there, he goes on to describe the process of making the album, what he was going through at the time, and how he feels about the rap industry today.

He also talks about how he didn’t even write some of the verses on this new album. You’ll recall he recorded songs for Doris with verses he wrote in Samoa.

And one more thing. Earl reveals that he’s sitting on another complete project, Solace, that he says is “for his mom.” We need that, too.

Peep the whole in-depth interview below, and everlasting props to the good people at NPR Microphone Check. They’re doing incredible things over there.


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