Iggy Azalea Confirmed Her Recent Boob Job In Vogue [VIDEO]


She’s been the talk of the rap game as of late but now Iggy Azalea has given us something else to talk about. The Aussie emcee sat down with Vogue magazine to talk about her life, career and everything in between. She revealed some juicy details about the beginning of her time in America when she tried to break into the modeling industry. She said that once agencies measured her body they weren’t interested in her due to her size. She also revealed that she did have some work done to alter herself, but it’s not the asset you may be thinking of.

“I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!” Iggy admitted. “I’d thought about it my entire life.”

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That’s right, they’re fake. Although the rumor about her breast augmentation has been floating around since late last year, Iggy finally confirmed that she made her rack larger so that she wouldn’t need padding for her stage costumes and to fit into lingerie without any wiring. She was hesitant about revealing her cosmetic update because she didn’t want to negatively influence her young female fans. However, she recently decided that she wasn’t about the “secret-keeping” life anymore. The Grand Hustle rapper also answered 73 questions as part of Vogue’s rapid-fire interview. Watch how well she answered each question while giving us a brief tour of her L.A. home and studio.

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