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Kanye West Is Studying To Become A Reverend


Yesterday the Australian media outlet South Burnett Times published an article reporting that Kanye West is currently studying to become a reverend.

According to the website, Kanye has enrolled in an online theology and and religion class in order to join the clergy. One source told the paper Kanye has “become something of a born-again Christian. He used to go to church all the time as a kid but he lapsed badly as he got older. Now he’s a father he’s become more spiritual and a better person. He is even smiling a lot and thinks becoming a reverend will bring him closer to God.”

The news should come as no surprise to those who’ve been paying close attention to Kanye’s rhetoric since Yeezus. Religion has been a part of Ye’s personality since “Jesus Walks,” but in the past year or two he’s taken a strong public liking to religion, God, and the idea of servitude.

Imagine Kanye delivering a sermon on Sunday morning. We need to find that church.

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