VERSE BEHAVIOR: Rapper Big Pooh Explains Lyrics From “Words Paint Pictures”


When Rapper Big Pooh isn’t tweeting about sports and art, he’s in the studio cooking up fresh selects for his faithful fans. While many know the MC from his time with North Carolina trio Little Brother, he’s been cranking out noteworthy solo work since the group disbanded in 2010. This spring he adds to a solo discography which includes SleepersThe Purple Tape and the Fat Boy Fresh series.

With the help of fellow underground king Apollo Brown on the boards, Pooh is back with a new LP titled Words Paint Pictures. On this album he comes back to his writing roots as a storyteller, touching on social issues within the black community, America’s prison system, police brutality, and the state of today’s music.

WatchLOUD got a chance to ask Big Pooh about some of the lines from Words Paint Pictures and he had some eye opening things to say. Let’s take a look at the best moments from Rapper Big Pooh’s Word Paint Pictures

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