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Killer Mike Takes A Stand Against The Prosecution Of Mac Pipps In Op-Ed


Killer Mike has been very busy lately reminding the world to Run The Jewels, but he’s found time to co-write an op-ed about rappers being persecuted for song lyrics, in particular New Orleans rapper McKinley “Mac” Pipps.

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The article he co-wrote with Erik Nielson details the relationship between police and hip-hop music and how the former is biased toward the culture surrounding the latter. “These pieces paint a frightening picture of police intimidation, witness coercion, and outright bigotry,” the intro reads. “They also reveal the extent to which authorities systematically targeted Phipps and other rappers in the New Orleans area, using their power to silence artists whose music and success challenged entrenched racial, economic, and political hierarchies.” The article goes on to point out the many holes in prosecutors utilizing rap lyrics as confessions and how it’s led to wrongful imprisonment after wrongful imprisonment. Mike should consider a part-time gig over at HuffPost Black Voices at this point. Read the rest of the article here.

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