Why Doesn’t Kendrick Lamar Want To Talk About His New Album? [VIDEO]

It’s barely been two weeks since Kendrick Lamar released his album To Pimp A Butterfly, yet it’s been the trending topic of discussion over the past several weeks. While most critics and fans have been continuously weighing in on the album, there’s one person who’s not talking about it anymore: Kendrick Lamar. With an abundance of interviews that already speak volumes about the album, Complex claims that management told them to refrain from bringing up TPAB during their latest interview with the Compton rapper.

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TDE said it’s because they want the music to speak for itself. However, if the music isn’t speaking loud enough, then the numbers should do the rest of the talking. Instead of giving a brief breakdown of the album, Kendrick Lamar spoke about his deal with Reebok and what they did to make his concert on wheels a reality. He also confirmed that there are plans in the works to release a new shoe soon. He also explained why he’s traded his DJ for a live band.

In a separate interview, Terrace Martin, who produced eight songs on TPABsays the untitled song Kendrick performed on The Colbert Report won’t be coming out. Martin says it was intended to be “just a moment” and that an official master of the song “don’t even exist nowhere in the world.” Too bad. It sounded amazing.

Watch the interview above.

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