5 Times Heckling A Celebrity Went Really Wrong


Long before social media afforded fans unlimited access to their favorite stars, people dished their unsavory opinions without fear of celebrity retaliation. Times have certainly changed with Twitter making stars accessible with the click of a button. Hecklers take the instant access social media provides and use it to spew vitriol directly at any musician, actor or athlete they choose. Most celebrities dodge the bull with cat-like agility, while others defend themselves with words and occasional physical altercations.

A Lil Wayne heckler recently discovered just how real it can get when you bring beef to the NOLA boy’s event. A Fort Lauderdale man typed the message “F**k Weezy” on his iPhone display and once the Young Money boss caught wind, he sent his security to handle the foul-mouthed club patron. Weezy’s goons…err…security guards clocked the man in the head multiple times for his unpopular opinion.

This got us thinking about the other times celebrities took street justice into their own hands after a civilian decided to be a keyboard gangsta. Check out some instances where heckling ended up being a poor life choice.

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