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Kendrick Lamar Is Upset About His Album Sales In Los Angeles

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Earlier this week, we learned that Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly sold 363,000 units in it’s first week, 324,00 of which were “actual” album sales while the rest were based off streams. The botched iTunes release has to factor into that number, just as it probably helped boost Kendrick’s record-breaking Spotify numbers.

Yesterday (March 27) Billboard published an article claiming To Pimp A Butterfly sold 35,000 copies in L.A. first week versus 33,000 in New York. Shortly after, Kendrick, or whoever it is that runs his Twitter, tweeted the following:

kendrick lamar tweet

I saw it pop up as an notification on my phone, but by the time I thought to check his Twitter, it had been deleted. Sounds like K. Dot isn’t too happy with how his hometown showed out.

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