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OG Maco Is On A Mission To Prove “U Guessed It” Doesn’t Represent His Full Skill Set On New EP [LISTEN]

og maco made this shit

It’s so funny to see websites, blogs, and music listeners in general be like, “Wow! OG Maco can actually rap!” No shit, man.

Today OG Maco forwards the latest argument against “U Guessed It” being his defining song with a new EP – I Made This Shit Before “U Guessed It.” It features production from the dope ass Archibald Slim of Awful Records, Brandon Thomas (who, ironically enough, produced “U Guessed It”), Maco Mattox, and MisterRayTheWizard.

Maco’s output has been stronger than most since his breakout single, and the new EP proves to be no different. Spin the whole thing above.


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