Raven Symone Says She’s From Everywhere And You Ain’t Never There…


In the latest episode of “New Black City” actress Raven Symone attempted to clarify previous claims that she was not African-American, and actually “colorless.” In a recent interview with E! she insisted that upon receiving her Ancestry.com results, she discovered that she is not African-American or European or anything, because..

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“I am from every continent in Africa except for one, and I’m from every continent in Europe except for one…we went back super far…”  Evidently, not far enough back to Social Studies class where she should have learned the difference between a country and a continent. That on-set tutor for “The Cosby” show needs their license revoked.

As is the case with anything stupid and celebrity related, Twitter users had a ball flaming Symone:

What more can we say?

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