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Conspiracy Rapper Immortal Technique Finally Arrested

immortal tech

Looks like the government finally got Immortal Technique.

Tech was arrested before a Santa Ana, California show on suspicion of robbery this past Thursday (March 26). He was allegedly part of a large group of men who confronted some guys selling t-shirts on the street. The shirts had Immortal Technique’s official logo emblazoned on the front,  and when Tech’s crew claimed they weren’t receiving any royalties from the sales, they began assaulting the men selling the tees. Cops say the victims had their merchandise, along with their cell phones and cash, stolen from them.

Tech, whose real name is Felipe Andres Coronel, and another man, Steven McDaniel, were arrested on suspicion of robbery and attempting to dissuade the witness. Soon after, they were released on bail, and the concert went on as planned.

Middle Passage is definitely not coming soon.

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