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Danny Brown Isn’t Coming Back To Glasgow, Scotland Anytime Soon [VIDEO]

Detroit rapper Danny Brown’s shows are known to get fairly rowdy, but a fan in Glasgow, Scotland took it a little too far.

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Brown is playing in the Red Bull Academy Music Tour, which stopped over at the Studio Warehouse in  Glasgow last night (March 28). Glasgow’s own Evening Times reports that during an a cappella bit in his set, a “drunk” fan threw a water bottle at his torso and an incensed Brown dropped the mic and walked off stage, refusing to come back out. Security tossed the troublemaker out, but the Old rapper reportedly said that he “would never play Glasgow again.”

Naturally, fans’ reactions to Brown leaving the stage were mixed. Some defended his decision, others wanted their money back after a short set, but everyone seems to agree that the night was ruined by one jerk and his water bottle — one person even started a hashtag #soggystormout. Check out some of the tweets below and check out the video of the incident above.


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