Hannibal Buress Calls Out Heckling “Social Terrorist” During His Show [VIDEO]

Comedian Hannibal Buress knows how to put hecklers in their place. Recently, Buress visited the town of Wilmington, Delaware while on his Comedy Camisado tour. The show was running smoothly except for one patron who kept yelling during Buress’ set. While comics are used to this kind of behavior, Buress decided to take some time to call out the heckler and give him the attention he was so desperately seeking for.

“Stop yelling,” Buress said with a smile. “Why can’t you hold your liquor?”

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Buress continued to rant about the annoying audience member, which nearly turned into a brief roast. “I’ve done shit when I was drunk. Not interrupt a show that 1100 other people are watching,” he added. “You sir are a social terrorist.” The crowd couldn’t get enough of it.

Watch the clip above.

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