This Is The Weirdest Documentary On New York Rap We’ve Ever Seen

lords doc

Nowadays, New York rap isn’t as popular across the nation as music from other regions, but that doesn’t mean these artists don’t have their own unique stories to tell.

A new mini-documentary “We’re Gonna Be Lords” dives into some of those stories with interviews featuring The Underachievers, Le1f, Flatbush Zombies, and Action Bronson. We learn about how one of The Underachievers wanted to be a philosopher, why Le1f felt inspired by the diversity of personalities in New York, what Erick Arc Elliott is gonna do with his baby shoes when he gets rich, and how Action Bronson finds ways to be grateful for this crazy life he lives.

The tone of the documentary is weird, filled with strange incantations and intermittent scenes of a naked girl dancing in the woods. In other words, it matches the oddity of the NY rap scene today. Watch the short 9-minute doc above and let us know what you think.

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