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Footage Surfaces Of The Game Sucker-Punching Player During Basketball Game [VIDEO]

*UPDATE #2* According To TMZ, The off-duty cop, who has been identified as Onyebuchi Awaji, is now suing Game. Awaji claims that he didn’t do anything to provoke Game and that the sucker-punch has officially caused him brain damage. This contradicts Game’s self-defense claim that Awaji threatened him with a gun.

*UPDATE* According to TMZ, the man Game punched was an off-duty police officer. Police are still investigating and may bring up battery charges. If Game really did threaten to get his gun, then he might be facing some serious charges.

Earlier this week, reports that The Game had struck a man while playing a game of basketball circulated around social media. But now new evidence has surfaced that might be used against him in the court of law: video footage caught on someone’s camera phone that shows Game quickly sucker-punching the victim.

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According to TMZ, “Sources connected to Game tell us the rapper says the punchee started things by throwing an elbow at Game, who responded by elbowing him right back. Then it got really heated. Game claims the guy said don’t make me go to my gym bag because ‘I got that thing.'”

Is there more to the story than what the video shows us? The victim has already filed a report and Game has yet to comment on the situation. Watch the video above.

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