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Did Flying Lotus Just Confirm A New Full-Length Album With MF DOOM?

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*UPDATE: Fact Mag admits they made it up. Guess FlyLo *was* just fucking with us.

Earlier today, unsubstantiated reports surfaced of a full-length album by MF DOOM and Flying Lotus. We were naturally incredulous, given that it’s April Fools, and since there were zero sources, we thought nothing of it. Until now.

The album is supposedly called Mask Of The North Star, and though the album art looks like a lazy revamp of overseas DangerDoom artwork, the above tweet from FlyLo seems to confirm the album’s existence.

It’s allegedly set to drop May 5th, and you can peep the tracklist below, which features people like El-P, Thom Yorke, and Carlos Santana – again, all clues that would lead us to believe this is completely BS. The last track is even called “Baloney.” Come on. But unless Flying Lotus is fucking with us, this might actually be legit. DOOM and FlyLo are set to perform in London a week before the release date, so this might be true. Who knows. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

01. Mask of the North Star (ft. Thundercat)
02. Stink Noze
03. Thermite and Ice
04. Memories of Green (ft. Quasimoto)
05. Orion’s Belt (ft. Thundercat)
06. Singularity (ft. Jneiro Jarel)
07. Exiled
08. Xenon Gas Mask (ft. Thundercat)
09. Stubble
10. Sloppy Giuseppe
11. Myztik Meg (ft. Thundercat & Carlos Santana)
12. Police State (ft. El-P & Thom Yorke)
13. Northern Lights
14. Crown Jewels
15. The Color Saturn (ft. Thundercat & Gonjasufi)
16. Masquatch (ft. Thundercat & Thundercat)
17. Baloney

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