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Jay Z May Finally Head To Court Over One Of The Biggest Songs Of His Career


Jay Z’s smash single “Big Pimpin'” off Vol. 3…Life & Times Of S. Carter has been under fire for years, not only due to the explicit nature of the song, but because of the sample that was alleged ripped off an international artist. Osama Ahmed Fahmy, an Egyptian artist, has been fighting back and forth with claims that Jay and producer Timbaland sampled his song “Kohsara, Kohsara” without his consent.

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Fahmy claimed that Timbaland got the licensing for the sample from an Arabian record label. However, the deal was supposedly made under false pretenses and the license would have expired in 2007 anyways. Now both sides must figure out a way to settle the matter or else it will have to be settled in court later this year.

Listen to the song below and see if Jay and Tim have a chance to win.


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