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No April Fool: Tyga Got Served By His Own Customer In L.A. [VIDEO]


As much as he would like for it to be a joke, Tyga got a huge reality check during his appearance a sneaker shop in L.A. The former Cash Money rapper was at Shiekh Shoes Store in L.A. signing autographs while celebrating the release of his latest shoe line, “Liquid Gold L.A. Gear Lights by Tyga.” Everything was going fine until a customer by the name of Cal was next in line.

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According to TMZ, Cal had one job. After standing in line for two and a half hours, Cal approached Tyga and asked him to sign not one, but two pairs of the exclusive, gold sneakers, which came out to $240 before taxes. Afterwards, Cal served Tyga with legal documents that said Tyga owes someone money and then had the balls to ask for a photo. Cal would not going into the details of the documents, but it was obviously important enough to wait in that lengthy line for over two hours.

The most entertaining part about all of this is that it was all caught on tape. Watch the clip below.

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