There Was Zero Chill At Hot 97’s April Fool’s Comedy Show [PHOTOS]


It truly was a night filled with laughter. Hot 97 hosted their annual April Fool’s Comedy Show last night and brought out some of the funniest comedians they could find. DJ Enuff and new girl on the block Nessa Nitty were on site to open the show and introduce the host. Although we were fooled into thinking that both Shawn and Marlon Wayans would be hosting the show, comedian Corey Holcomb was the real man of the night. He helped transition us between each hilarious act with all kinds of stories about his sex life and too many abortion jokes.

The night continued with the comedic stylings of Richie Redding, Deon Cole and more. Damon Wayans, Jr rehashed some classic times with his dad, Damon Sr. Apparently, he’s not allowed to refer to him as “dad” in public, especially around the ladies at the club. Rob Stapleton heard tidal waves of laughter when he spoke about New York City’s dope fiends, the difference between black and white porn, and “Wheelchair Wednesdays.” Donnell Rawlings decided to leave “Ashy Larry” at home and spent a lot of time making fun of chicks who take too many selfies.

The real hero of the night was veteran comic Sinbad. The Michigan native seemed to connect with the crowd the most as he spoke about growing older. He also warned the crowd about the negative side-effects of sex as an older man. Fifteen minutes was not enough time to hear what this legend had to say. Check out some exclusive photos from the hilarious event below.

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