The Five Best Da$h Songs You Need To Hear

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If you’ve been spinning Earl Sweatshirt’s new album I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside as much as we’ve been spinning it, then you know Da$h’s guest feature on “Grown Ups” is one of the best parts. Da$h has been on our radar for over five years now, ever since he popped up at DD172 in New York alongside Curren$y, but he might not be as well known to Odd Future diehards as he is in the WatchLOUD headquarters.

So to celebrate Da$h’s dope collab with Earl (after a relatively quiet period for the NJ rapper musically), we decided to run down five of his best songs. Get your Newports out.

“Live Under100 Freestyle” (Feat. The Sensais) [2010]


Back in 2010, Dame Dash had his DD172 space popping as Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., and Stalley started popping off in New York. Luckily, Da$h is Dame’s nephew, so when they’d put on shows in the dark, sweaty basement, Da$h was often in the building, so he’d hop on the mic to spit.

That’s what happened on the track above, originally found on one of Da$h’s early tapes, Dreamcatcher. I swear I might have even been in attendance when he did this. Backing him is Ski Beatz’s old band The Sensais, and the mix of live instrumentation and Da$h’s in-the-cut flow is just murderous. After I heard this, I knew the kid was nice.

Dead Batteries (Prod. by SKYWLKR) [2011]

If the cover and title for Chron Burgundy don’t grab you, this beat will. Danny Brown’s go-to producer SKYWLKR cooked up some crazy shit for Da$h on this Planet Of The Apes-sampling track, but it’s Da$h who says some even slicker shit: “I ain’t tryna be modest though, I’m arrogant / Lobster tail and cheese on my asparagus.” Come to think of it, Da$h and SKYWLKR should do a little EP. Dude’s beats are always top notch and Da$h sounds right at home on songs like this and “Thunderbolt.”

“People Sayin” (Feat. Bobby Tre) [Prod. by Mike Cash] (2011)


Mike Cash went dumb on this. I just wish I could recall what the sample is. I feel like it was on a 50 Cent song…? Anyway, Da$h hardly ever goes over a soulful sample like this, often opting for darker, harder shit, so whenever I hear him over some warmer stuff, I remember how many different directions he can go in.

Jay Worthy – “The Time Is Now” (Feat. Da$h) [2013]

Technically this isn’t a Da$h song, but his verse is so cold we had to include it. “I’m the reason James Harden got traded to the Rockets / Break a fiend arm out his socket” hits every time.

“Parachute Escape / Counseling” (Prod. by Mordecai Beats) [2013]

In 2013, Da$h released V.I.C.E.S., his last full-length project to date. The front half is rough around the edges, but the latter half is some of the best work of his career. The second to last track is this two-part song which switches beats halfway through, segueing into a well-worn sample. “My self-esteem’s on amphetamines / I’m a walking benzo” is cold as hell.

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