Camp Lo Is Pouring Pinot Grigio In Her Platforms On “Bright Lights”


A few weeks ago Nappy DJ Needles flipped Camp Lo’s classic “Luchini” over Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga” beat and brought the Bronx duo into the consciousness of millennial rap fans. Coincidentally the two have reunited with longtime producer Ski Beatz and are releasing their first full length as a group since their 2011 collab with Pete Rock, 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s.

The first single “Bright Lights” is a perfectly glossy ode to twilight hours in the Big Apple and flexes all the glittery alliteration we’ve come to expect from verbal jewelers Camp Lo. The full length, Ragtime Hightimes, will be released on May 19th on Nature Sounds Records.

“This piece is different ‘cause we were in a different space,” Suede says of the project. “It’s always gonna be us, just different versions of ourselves. We’re exploring different dimensions in visual sound texture.” While much of their classic material was sample-based, the group is now experimenting with live instrumentation more than ever before. “The originality remains,” adds Cheeba. “There are differences in sound, mostly due to the live instruments.” Overall, the result is a singular piece of “time traveling art” that is sure to resonate for years to come. “This album just feels good,” explains Suede. “It’s our favorite way to feel.”

Listen to “Bright Lights” above and keep checking back for’s exclusive interview with Camp Lo.

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