Fast & Furyan: 3 Crazy Ideas For The Furious Franchise Sequels

The Fast & The Furious is unique as far as contemporary action franchises go, in that its appeal and critical and commercial fortunes only seem to grow bigger as it goes on. I can guarantee you that no one watched the first movie 14 years ago and saw it becoming as lucrative as it has. And let’s not kid ourselves, either; the first four entries in the car-racing franchise (The Fast & The Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious) oscillate wildly between average and flat-out terrible, but #4 held distributor Universal Studios back from the brink of bankruptcy, and the franchise only became more profitable (and critically beloved) as it began to take itself less seriously and indulge its ridiculousness.

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Furious 7 (!), which just opened this past Friday, managed to pull in $143 million in the United States alone, with an additional $240 million from other countries, meaning that in just three days, this flick has already banked $384 million, breaking records (it’s now the ninth highest opening weekend of all time) and making back its production budget and then some. Even the audience ratio is setting trends on the blockbuster scene, as Box Office Mojo showed the gender split was nearly dead even with 51% guys and 49% girls, and a healthy racial mix to compliment the multicultural cast (37% Hispanic, 25% Caucasian, 24% African-American, and 10% Asian) didn’t hurt either. Think about that for a minute; the late Paul Walker (who’s given a poignant sendoff after his tragic mid-shoot death in 2013) is the only generic white dude in the entire good guy squad; you’re then left with Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Michelle Rodriguez, and relative newcomer Nathalie Emmanuel. That amount of diversity in a Hollywood tentpole isn’t something you see every day.

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It’s needless to say that Furious 7 is a huge box office success that’s going to be cleaning up shop until Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out at the beginning of next month, but Universal already had enough faith to give the green light to at least three more sequels a while ago. After transitioning from gritty street races to catching international terrorists by driving super cars across skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, where else does this franchise realistically have to go?

Well, after inhaling some Nos we came up with some suggestions crazy enough to actually work…

Furious 7 #1

Furious 8: The Race War  

Furious 7 starts off with Michelle Rodriguez’s character Letty Ortiz participating in “The Race War,” a balls to the wall street-racing event that’s been featured in the series before and was created by her and Vin Diesel’s Dominc Toretto. Remember when Rodriguez drew the ire of Twitter when she told minorities to “stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes“? If we’re lucky, Furious 8 will bring Letty back to The Race War once again, with representatives from each race looking to rip up the race track and claim supremacy. All things considered, this wouldn’t be the first Race War of its kind…

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