Who Is Young Dolph?


What do you get when you marry a laid back Memphis flow with someone who is knowledgeable of all things regarding the trap house? Young Dolph. After gaining co-signs from artists like Juicy J, 8Ball and MJG, Dolph’s career began to pick up and he has just released his latest project, “High Class Street Music 5.”

Here are four things you may need to know about the southern artist.

1. Originally born in Chicago, Young Dolph found inspiration in the Memphis streets.

Young Dolph describes the street’s influence on one of his hottest tracks, “Preach,” which briefly gives you an insight on Dolph’s street logic and how it affected him. In addition to making him street smart, the Memphis streets supported and watched him start getting a bit of buzz. “They’ve watched me do this with their own eyes, and that’s what motivates me the most, that’s what pushes me the most,” says Dolph. “My first show I booked in Memphis, I got five bands for that. And when I performed, I threw this money in the crowd. Who do you know gets paid five bands for their first show to get booked in New York City?”

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2. Young Dolph began taking rap more seriously after being involved in a nearly fatal car crash.

In 2008, Dolph was involved in a car accident that nearly took the Memphis rapper’s life. After falling asleep behind the wheel, his car was totaled. Later on that year, his grandmother passed away from lung cancer and Dolph decided that music could be a pain reliever for everything he was going through at the time.

“I fell asleep driving, doing like 90 miles an hour,” said Dolph. “The truck looked like a car when it was through. The ceiling was smashed all the way in. The steering wheel was off. It made me put everything to the side and focus on music, because I never knew what might happen.”

3. Young Dolph has worked with Gucci Mane but is not signed to 1017 Records.

Due to his affiliations with Gucci Mane, Dolph was rumored to be signed to Gucci’s 1017 Records, however, Dolph made it clear that he is not Gucci Mane’s artist. Dolph is still a big supporter of the label as well as Grand Hustle and CMG, but he is still an unsigned artist.

4. Dolph is an artist who has put in a lot of time to gain notoriety especially with his features.

Dolph has always had a love for hip-hop, however, he did not consider rapping until later on in his adult life. He partnered up with Daddio to found Paper Route Empire, a record label that he used to propel his buzz with the release of his latest projects. Dolph aligned himself with Gucci Mane to release “East Atlanta South Memphis,” which in turn helped him gain notoriety. Dolph is also a part of the Skrilla Squad alongside label mates Muney Makin Murda and Tim Gates.

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