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DJ Kool Herc Could Have Birthed Hip-Hop Overseas [LISTEN]


In a very rare interview, The Combat Jack Show had the honor of featuring the creator of hip-hop DJ Kool Herc. The Jamaica native spoke with Combat and Premium Pete about a wide range of topics from the first emcee in the game, Coke La Rock, to how he got his legendary name. Kool Herc also revealed that he and his family could have migrated from Jamaica to London instead of the States.

“I could have went to England,” Herc told Combat. “We had the choice between Canada or England, instead we came here.”

Kool Herc also spoke about what New York City was like in the 1970s from the clothing and kicks to the gang life. He also shed light on his battle with drugs and other health issues he’s been suffering with over the years. Herc also reveals his top five emcees and deejays of all time. Listen to the interview in full below.

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