Kurupt Remembers The Moment Dr. Dre Made Him An Official Emcee [VIDEO]

Kurupt has been down with Dr. Dre since he recruited Snoop Doggy Dogg back in the early ’90s. The veteran rapper sat down with Vlad TV and chopped it up about his early career. They spoke about the day that Kurupt showed up to the set of Dre and Snoop’s “Deep Cover” video. He remembered how he felt about just being there for the shoot.

“When that video dropped, Dre and them accepted me. I was in and we all showed up to the video and I just felt like a star. I felt special. I just felt like ‘Wow… I’m in.’ We just showed up to the video and we were there,” Kurupt said. “It wasn’t about being in it or anything else. It was about being there. It showed me what stardom is about.”

Later on, Kurupt recalled the moment when he knew he was an official emcee. While he was busy preparing his solo album The Chronic, Dr. Dre had approached Kurupt with a beat and asked him to write a verse, which would eventually be on the song “Stranded On Death Row.” That’s when he knew he was officially in.

“He [Dre] finally gave me my opportunity. He said ‘Kurupt, I got this record for you. Take it home, write to it. This is the record I want you to be on.”

Watch the interview above.

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