The Scenario: What Happened When Case Left His Phone At His Girl’s House

Case 2015

The game of love is filled with risk, especially since the rules change so much. Somebody who understands this too well is R&B veteran Case.  The Grammy-nominated singer has recorded four albums worth of baby-makers and hits like “Happily Ever After”  and “Touch Me Tease Me” have made his voice a staple at weddings and bachelor parties alike. But even Case knows that things don’t always go according to plan. With his latest album Heaven’s Door harkening back to analog era R&B, we wanted to tap into his vast experience to solve some very modern day relationship problems.

So for the first edition of “The Scenario” we presented several real-life situations and had him offer the best case and worst case for each. Let the games begin.

The Scenario: You have a girlfriend and an Instagram model likes your pic.

Best Case: The best case scenario is to keep it moving before you go down that rabbit hole.

Worst Case: The worst case scenario is you like one of hers back and it leads to some DMs. That’s the rabbit hole I was talking about. I’ve seen it a million times.

Slide In Your DMS

The Scenario: A woman shows up one day with a 5-year-old girl and says this is your daughter.

Best Case: That depends. For me, the best case scenario is that the test comes back that it’s not.

Worst Case: The worst case scenario is that it is and you get stuck with this situation. And the way she showed up (on “Empire”), she’s crazy. That’s a pretty bad situation.


The Scenario: You leave your phone at your girl’s house.

Best Case: That it dies and she don’t have that kind of charger. That’s the best case scenario. And hope she doesn’t have the sense to go buy one.

Worst Case: You start getting a bunch of the wrong text messages and the phone is unlocked. That’s terrible. I’ve actually been in a situation like that and trust me that is the worst case scenario.  Wasn’t nothing I could do. I got a call and she was going through reading everything as they’re coming in. We didn’t stay together too much longer. That was a little too much (for her). You live and you learn.

Best man phone slam

The Scenario: Your girlfriend proposes

Best Case: That would weird me out a little but the best case scenario is you say yes and y’all end up married. The worst is if that’s not where you were going with this relationship. How do you back out of that?

woman proposes two

The Scenario: Your Girl breaks up with you on Facebook

There is no best case scenario for that. That’s all bad. That’s ugly. And if she @s you? That’s terrible. Now everybody knows what’s going on. I’ve seen people do that. I don’t know why people do that, going back and forth on social media.


The Scenario: You’ve been Catfished

Best Case:  It’s a woman that you’re not really attracted to.

Worst Case: It’s a man. That’s as bad as that can get.


The Scenario: Your girl kicks your ass in a video game

Best Case: You gotta let her win some times if you want to be happy.

Will Smith video games

Case’s new album Heaven’s Door is in stores now. You can get it here on iTunes.

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