There Are Only Two “New” Rappers That Grandmaster Caz Respects [VIDEO]

Grandmaster Caz has influenced several big names in the game but apparently there’s only two lyricists that have made an impression on him. During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Caz spoke about how he feels about today’s lyricists. He revealed that the only “new” rappers he respects are Joell Ortiz and Immortal Technique. However, when asked what other current artists he respects, he couldn’t even think of one.

“I don’t try to dismiss the whole new music, like everybody sucks, that’s not me,” said Grandmaster Caz. “I’m not checking for everybody that’s out right now.”

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Caz admitted that his iPod is filled with more classic ’70s music like Barry Manilow than the trending songs from today’s popular rappers like A$AP Rocky or 2 Chainz. He also revealed his all-time top five favorite emcees, which may or may not surprise you. As the conversation continues, Caz slowly lists ten more lyricists that he appreciates. Watch the interview above.

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