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Cam’ron Has His Own Cereal

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*UPDATE: Looks like Cam’ron’s Killa Crunch cereal isn’t exactly as real as we hoped. Instead, Cam collaborated with Virgin Mega to make t-shirts that can be found inside the cereal boxes. A select number of Killa Crunch boxes are being hidden around New York in bodegas from April 10-12, and a few of the boxes will even have $100 in them as well as a t-shirt. The locations of these boxes will be revealed on Cam’s Instagram and Virgin Mega’s Twitter. If you miss out on those opportunities, Virgin Mega will be selling Killa Crunch exclusively through their app on Monday, April 13 at 4 PM EST.

Cam’ron has always been an entrepreneur, from selling drugs to capes to Ebola masks. Now he’s getting into the food industry like only Cam could with Killa Crunch, his new cereal that may just be a joke, or a clever promotional tool.

We’ve yet to find a box in our local grocery store, but below you can see personalities like Eddie Huang, Eric and Jeff of Its The Real, and Desus showing off the goods. Either this is just an elaborate publicity stunt, or we’re about to have a whole lot of Suga Duga in our morning diet.

Killa Crunch @loochgotyou

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Who knows if this is kosher for Passover, but whatever. Shouts to @mr_camron for this #killacrunch!

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First of the Month #killacrunch

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