“Drunk In Gloves” & 98 Other Problems Jay Z Has, Illustrated

Drunk in gloves

Jay Z was riddled with bullets in the video to his hit “99 Problems,” but his life difficulties didn’t end there. Illustrator Ali Graham created a Tumblr page to collect his visual thoughts on what it must be like for Jay Z the superstar dad, husband and entrepreneur.

“All I could think about suddenly was, ‘What could those 99 problems be for a superstar rapper?’” Graham tells Fast Company. “I really liked the idea of Jay Z as a character having to deal with everyday problems—and some not so everyday ones too.”

The Tumblr page became so popular that Graham has now collected them into a book where you can explore Hova’s various fears like flying with Superman, smelling bad and brain freeze.  We’re pretty sure launching a music service will be in the next edition.

Pre-Order “99 Problems” HERE.

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