This Is How Jim Jones Got His Fake Air Jordan XI “Ray Allen” PEs [VIDEO]

Not long ago, Jim Jones nearly started a war with his 821K followers about the authenticity of his exclusive Air Jordan XI “Ray Allen” PEs after he posted them on his Instagram account. The Harlem rapper was adamant that the shoes were real and that he’s had them for over a year. Meanwhile, the comments erupted with users that argued that the shoes were fake. Well, they were right.

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Since a FaceTime examination wasn’t enough, Jones sent the pair off to sneaker expert Soley Ghost. After he took some time to take a closer look at the shoes in question, he determined that the shoes were indeed fake. Ghost explained that the red color was not the correct shade of red that the real sneakers have. He also noticed that the plastic shoe tree and size tags are different than those found on the authentic pair of PEs. He also noted that the stitching, patent leather shape, and outsole design all differ from the original shoe.

“Everybody gets got, it happens to the best of us,” said Soley. “I hope he didn’t spend a lot of money on the shoes.”

So how did Jones get duped into believing the shoes were real? It happens everyday, but i’ts rare when we actually see how fake shoes are made. Complex revealed an Instagram user who posted a rare tour of a replica/unauthorized sneaker factory where all fake sneakers are made. Could this be where Jones’ shoes were made? Take a look below.

Live from a replica/unauthorized factory

A video posted by Real VS Fake Kicks (@fake_education) on

Live from inside of a replica/unauthorized manufacturing factory

A video posted by Real VS Fake Kicks (@fake_education) on

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