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Tyler, The Creator Remembers Calling On Andre 3000 During A Recent Mental Breakdown


Tyler, The Creator has been suffering from several #FirstWorldProblems and almost went nuts over them. In a recent interview, the Odd Future founder spoke about everything he’s been going through while finishing his upcoming album including loneliness in his own home and feeling paranoid about the great place he’s in. Tyler said that he suffered from a “mental breakdown” four months ago. He claimed that he fully lost his mind because he was “too happy.”

“I had a mental breakdown like four months ago for a couple hours,” said Tyler. “I was sitting there just fully losing my mind.I was too happy! I know it sounds crazy but I was sitting there at 2 in the morning thinking about how my life is too good right now. I can buy anything I want, I can wake up and do whatever I want. I was like okay something bad has to happen. Someone is gonna die soon, I’m gonna break an arm. I wasn’t sad, I think I was panicking. The only people I talked to about it was Thebe and Andre 3000. Andre was just like [in an Andre voice] ‘hey man that’s just how it goes man you just in a good spot.'”

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Tyler also shared how he felt about the OF store closing in Fairfax earlier this year. Later on, Tyler talked about the only rappers he’s cool with like ScHoolboy Q, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. The Wolf rapper also shared his feelings about Jaden and Willow Smith and his newfound love for Death Grips. Read the interview in full here and check out some excerpts below.

On Willow and Jaden Smith:

“I appreciate Jaden and Willow a lot. It sucks because from the internet you might think they’re some douchy little fucks who think too much but if you were actually with them you’d be like damn. They’re interested in things, they want to learn. He was building pyramids in his house.”

On The Closing of the Odd Future Store:

“That was home base. But some weird shit happened with the guy leasing it for us. I miss that spot. We’d be on that block all day. That shit being closed kills me. We can go open up another store but that was just a safe zone. I’m safe on that block. I met a lot of friends [on Fairfax]. Travis, Thebe. Me and Jasper would go over there. There’s a whole legion of younger kids like 15 or 16 that would hang around there so we like their big homies or whatever. That was a hangout spot for them and it was good because it would kind of keep them out of trouble.”

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