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Walter Scott’s Brother: “He Was Running For His Life”


Disturbing video of a 50-year-old South Carolina man named Walter Scott being shot in the back by officer Michael Flager has reinforced the on-going national debate about use of excessive force in the police department. Scott, a black man, was stopped for a broken tail light by Flager, who is white. It is unclear why Scott was running from the officer video surfaced shows Flager firing at an unarmed Scott multiple times in the back. The officer has been charged with murder.

Scott’s brother Anthony spoke to CNN and said that the family is traumatized.

“When I saw that video for the first time, my family was deeply hurt that someone would gun down a human being in that way,” the brother said. “We just couldn’t believe it.”

The officer initially said that he used a Taser stun gun on Scott and that Scott tried to take his weapon. However, the video tells a different story. He is shown shooting Scott then placing a black object near his lifeless body.


Protestors have gathered outside of City Hall in Charleston to ensure that justice is served.



More on this story as it  develops.


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