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Lil Wayne: “Stop Listening To N*ggas That Pose Naked On Their Album Covers”

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*UPDATE: Young Thug has responded to his “idol” – by saying he’s not going to respond.


Welp. Just days after Young Thug announced the release date for Carter 6 via his Instagram, footage has surfaced of Wayne at a show sending some not-so-subtle shots at “niggas that pose naked on their motherfuckin’ album covers.” You can see the short clip below.

It’s pretty obvious he’s talking about Thugger, who poses naked on the cover for Carter 6. Maybe Wayne is being sincere. Or maybe this is an intricate marketing scheme to prop up the buzz for upcoming projects from both Wayne and Thug. Here, Weezy sounds earnest though. After all, how else is he supposed to feel when Baby won’t let him release Carter V, but is happy to promote Carter 6? 

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