That Time I Compared A Q-Tip Song To Cameo & He Beat-Boxed His Thoughts


Today is Q-Tip the Abstracts birthday and I remembered an interview from 2009 where he was promoting Kamaal The Abstract. There was a song on the album called “Heels” that gave me Cameo “Candy” vibes with its bass line and drums. Not a bite, sample, or anything like that, just influenced.

I was under the weather this day and my man Big Ced from TheIndustrycosign stood in as proxy and conducted the interview taking some questions I had, one of which was the comparison to “Heels.” Being the funky musician he is, Tip re-played both songs in his head, beatboxed the riffs and said, “I think that could be coincidence but that’s an interesting study…that’s a great call but Cameo, they get the nod on that one.”

Here is to being influenced without being sued.

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