These 6 “Sunday Candy” GIFs Will Cure The Monday Blues [VIDEO]

Few truly independent artists have built up as much hype as fast as Chance the Rapper, Donnie Trumpet, and The Social Experiment. They’ve managed to build a huge and loyal fan base through extensive touring and local community outreach in Chicago, all without selling a single record. They’re sticking with that model for their next project, the hotly-anticipated Surf.

Chance Sunday Candy 6

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The latest video for the album’s lead single “Sunday Candy,” co-written and directed by Chano himself, debuted online earlier today (April 12), and it’s about as colorful, lush, and nostalgic as the song itself, right down to the musical-inspired setup and the fact that it’s been shot in only one take:

Chance Sunday Candy 1

But more than anything, this video proves that SoX have some pretty fast feet when they want to. Chance has always been a showman ever since he’s started touring his debut mixtape 10 Day, but he’s beginning to show a real knack for dancing now. Check out some of the highlights from the video below.

Chance Sunday Candy 3

Chance bopping with some of SoX, including keyboardist Peter Cottontale and producer Nate Fox.

Chance Sunday Candy 2

Chance can dance!!!

Chance Sunday Candy 4

Chance Sunday Candy 5

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