These 5 Artists Are Caught In The Middle Of The Kardashian/Amber Rose Feud [PHOTOS]

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The feud between Amber Rose and the Kardashians has gone from Twitter war to reality show drama. Over the weekend in the desert wasteland of Coachella, Rose rolled up to the McDonald’s and Chevrolet Pool Party at the Bootsy Bellows estate with her clique. According to Complex, Rose “accidentally” sat at a cabana that was previously reserved for Kendall Jenner and her group.

“No way, this is not happening,” said Kendall upon arriving to the scene.

Immediately, Jenner told an escort to politely make Rose leave. At first she refused. “Well, my drink is here!” replied Rose. Again, the escort forcefully insisted that she should leave. Rose did eventually leave the table, but not without throwing her shady, beady eyes to the side at Jenner.

This kind of petty behavior is probably expected from her older sisters Kim and Khloe. It wouldn’t even shock the world if it had come from her almost-legal sister Kylie. But now it’s evident the hate towards Wiz Khalifa’s ex wife is mutual amongst the entire clan. It’s about time for Muva to reinforce her loyal squad before the Kardashians’ hate continues to spread.

While she’s got Wiz on lock and her bestie Blacc Chyna by her side, Rose is still outnumbered by the amount of man power that the Kardashians have at their disposal. Jay Z, Tyga and possibly the entire team of TIDAL’s founders could easily corner her up against the wall. However, Rose does have one filthy rich pawn on her side named Nick Cannon, wrestler John Cena and Hot 97’s veteran morning show host who owns property in her friend-zone, Peter Rosenberg.

So who’s left in the middle of the feud?

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