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20 Things We’ve Learned About Cherry Bomb From Tyler, The Creator’s Twitter


Infamous Los Angeles hip-hop collective Odd Future may be branching off in different directions, but the group’s nominal leader Tyler, The Creator isn’t going down without a fight. After a long hiatus from the public where even his Twitter account fell silent, the OF head honcho released his fourth album, Cherry Bomb, early this morning (April 13) after announcing it out of the blue a little over a week ago, and it feels like we’re finally getting to know some more about the guy behind the donut, at least musically.

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We’ve been treated to small tastes of Tyler’s musical palette ever since Bastard came out in 2009, where his albums would include the occasional ballad or soulful instrumental track, but he indulged himself even further on third album Wolf with songs like the Pharrell-inspired love/hate song “IFHY” and the Erykah Badu-featuring “Treehome95,” among others. With Cherry Bomb, Tyler’s let his musical inspirations off the leash completely and created a collage of unfiltered ideas and energy, for better (DEATHCAMP, FIND YOUR WINGS, 2SEATER) and for worse (BLOWMYLOAD).

He took to Twitter earlier today to shed some light on his upcoming radio station, the creative process behind Cherry Bomb, apologizing to Pusha T for using the same vocal samples that he used on “Numbers On The Board,” and working with his longtime idol Roy Ayers. Check it out below.

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