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Drake’s “My Side” Confirms That He Is Actually The Great Gatsby


On Drake’s latest aural suicide note he offers up Inception level emo-wrapped-in-emo where he tells his “side” of a sideless situation (because it’s all circular)  to a side chick who evidently doesn’t want to be by his side very much. It will appear on physical copies of his album “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late,” so those of us who still have CD players can sit in our cars with the windows rolled up waiting for the carbon monoxide to take away the pain of that reality.

He opens with the lament “This sh*t sound like what being rich feel like…” and proceeds to give us the final reason to believe that he is not indeed Aubrey Graham, he is Jay Gatsby, the fictitious, love-struck millionaire with a spotty past brought to life in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel and the 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio. He is the original Champagne Papi, and combing through the lyrics of “My Side” it becomes apparent that he is truly the mental projection of all that is Drake.

“Why you never come to where I stay? always hiding out in your NY condo…why you never come to where I stay?”


“Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?”


“Me and you are playing house, start think that I’m losing touch…”


“We too busy for a wedding or a kid…”


“If I’m working then I know you working…”


“Keep in touch with other women, cause you make me nervous”


“I empower girls that don’t deserve it…”



“The  dream is over, I get lost up in the 6″


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