INTRODUCING Eskeerdo, Writer for Kanye & Diddy Steps Out On His Own


Miami has always been a melting pot of talent in the music world. While some artists act out like first-time tourists who get lost in the glamour of exclusive parties at Club LIV, natives like rapper/songwriter Eskeerdo are dedicated to refining Miami music. The Cuban-American rapper’s climb from the bottom began without any direction after he dropped out of high school and thrived by working two jobs.

“Being from Hialeah, there ain’t no one out here giving you a hand or even showing you the way to the music business in general,” said Eskeerdo. “I didn’t have that. I didn’t have a mentor to teach me these ropes.”

Alexander Izquierdo, 27, began his career in music as a lone rapper but later became inspired to write songs for other artists. After finally finding the right kind of help in the industry, he began getting major placements with some of the best acts in the business. It began after he penned Diddy’s “Diddy Bop” off his 2009 album Press Play.

Over the next few years, he pumped out hits for the likes of Ice Cube, Maino, Flo-Rida, Meek Mill, and Yo Gotti. Eskeerdo’s word choice eventually caught the ears of Kanye West, who recruited him to co-write the Cruel Summer hit “Clique” in 2012. He also went on to write seven songs off Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame including the Jhene Aiko-assisted “Beware” and “Guap.” After taking home his first Grammy for composing Rihanna’s “No Love Allowed,” Eskeerdo felt the need to go back and complete the dream he started over a decade ago.

“I knew I was going to do period, no plan B. As stupid as that sounds, that’s just my thought process. I saw the vision and I still see the vision.”

Consistency doesn’t begin to describe the drive Eskeerdo possesses. Last year, the Dade county lyricist dropped his 31 Days mixtape, which was hosted by Don Cannon and consisted of 31 freestyles for each day of the month. Afterwards, he began to release singles like “Bout Me” and “For The City,” both produced by DJ Infamous, that would be featured on his most recent, self-titled release. And he’s just getting started.

Eskeerdo plans to drop two more bodies of work this year to keep his buzz alive. Not only is he writing for himself, but he still continues to contribute work to other artists. His most recent credit has been on Kendrick Lamar’s “The Blacker The Berry” off his sophomore LP To Pimp A Butterfly. With Grammys and plenty of experience under his belt, Eskeerdo remains humble and wants nothing more than to bring his city back up to the top where it belongs. In between his sniffling and coughing, I got the chance to speak to Eskeerdo about his remarkable accolades and his plans for the future.

“If you’re repping for the crib, then I’ll rep for you. I got love for you if you’re from Dade.”

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