This Video Is Proof Rihanna Needs to Check Her Friends

rih thumb

*UPDATE: Rihanna reacts to the whole controversy on Instagram:


Celebs gotta stop slipping. Everyone on Twitter is up in arms right now over the above video of Rihanna doing whatever it is you think she’s doing in the background.

We wouldn’t know what doing coke is like (seriously – that’s a rich drug and we’re not paid well enough to afford it) but people online seem to think she’s powdering her nose.

That’s not the story here, though. No matter what Rihanna is doing in this quick 15 second clip, why the hell is someone filming it and putting it online? Rihanna seems like the type not to fuck around. So can she clamp down on people in her circle putting this kind of stuff out there for the public to suck up?

Nonetheless, Twitter is running rampant with their own interpretations:


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