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Wale Makes You Think Twice About Taking Your “White Shoes” For Granted [VIDEO]

If you were a teenage sneaker fiend who worked more than one job to satisfy your obsession, then you know the gratifying sensation that comes over your body when you first grasp your fresh pair of pearly whites. The “new shoe smell” stings your nostrils and nearly causes you to tear up from joy while you put them on for the first time. After you flex your new kicks and impress everyone on the block, you feel so invincible that not even a minor scratch on the toe-box could faze you.

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In “The White Shoes,” Wale tells the story of a hard-working youth who finally saves enough money to buy the crispy, clean white sneakers he’s always wanted. Unfortunately, shit happens. If you’ve ever been through the trauma of having your shoes stolen right off your feet, then Wale’s new visual will probably invoke some suppressed memories you thought you’d never have to relive again. The ending will make you cherish your shiny, white Air Forces or will have you scouring the Internet for new ones. Either way, enjoy the latest visual off The Album About Nothing above.

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