Would These 5 Artists Survive In The “Scream” TV Series?


Last Sunday (Apr. 12), MTV revealed the trailer for their upcoming TV series “Scream,” based on the popular movie series. After a YouTube video goes viral, the town of Lakeland deals with a series of murders that opens a gateway into the town’s shady past. Based off of the the title, the audience can already assume that we will see the same cheesy discussions about horror film etiquette, moments of teenaged angst caused by some kind of high school drama, and plenty of gory death scenes.

This all seems great for nostalgic fans of Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson’s franchise. However, it looks like MTV is causing history to repeat itself by not casting any actors/actresses of color. In Scream 2, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Omar Epps make fun of the fact that no African-American cast members star in horror films because they’re usually the first to die (ironically enough, Epps dies first). MTV should break the mold by adding some musical influence to the next gen TV series. These five artists would either be smart enough to escape the vicious attacks from the man in the ghost mask or dumb enough to be sliced and diced.

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