5 Apps For Tech-Savvy Stoners


Imagine getting that itch to smoke some ganja, but you’re in a foreign location with no connects in sight. Instead of going through the headache of asking that friend of a friend for a connect, enterprising potheads have used the world’s technological advancements in mobile phones and tablets to their advantage. While the idea of an app for weed isn’t new, their functions have changed to serve the needs of stoners everywhere.

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Recently, Snoop Dogg invested in a new weed delivery start-up that’s been dubbed as “the uber of weed.” Eaze is a delivery service that will bring bud from a local medical marijuana dispensary to your location faster than Jimmy Johns. Along with Snoop’s new app, there are several others that not only help potheads in need of their fix, but also teaches users about specific strains, helps convert O’s into grams and instruct newbies and experimental college students how to make bongs better than MacGyver. Here are five apps that you should download before 4/20.

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