7 Multicultural Mutants We Want To See In X-Men: Apocalypse


The X-Men movie franchise has been through some tough times. Characters have been killed and re-introduced and the entire continuity has been rewritten in the wake of the latest flick X-Men: Days Of Future Past. 20th Century Fox is looking to close out the trilogy started by X-Men: First Class with the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, and the casting news has been plentiful so far.

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The most recent bid is actress Olivia Munn as the psychic mutant Psylocke, a British mutant whose body and mind is fused with that of a Japanese assassin (long story). It’s interesting to note that Munn is biracial (European-Chinese, to be exact) and welcomes yet another PoC character into the X-Men ranks, given the large number of them who have yet to make their debuts.



Granted, there are X-Men heavy hitters like Storm, Bishop, and Jubilee who are out here representing in both comics and movies, but the more the merrier! (and consider more screen time?)

The story of the X-Men is rooted in the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s; Professor X and Magneto are direct parallels to Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X after all, so it only makes sense that the disenfranchised and oppressed mutant group would also feature persons of color, too. Hit the jump below for a list of PoC mutants we need in the X-Men universe, STAT.

Omega Sentinel

Karima Shapandar was a police detective from India turned into a “Prime Sentinel” by the Sentinel-turned-human madman Bastion. The transformation resulted in her becoming a high-end cyborg with superhuman strength, speed, durability, flight, energy blasts, and healing capabilities. As a Prime Sentinel, her programming is focused on finding and killing mutants, but she managed to defy it and became an ally to the X-Men instead. Especially since audiences are now familiar with the Sentinels, wouldn’t it be cool to see a cyborg Sentinel?

02Omega Sentinel


This is technically cheating because he was featured in First Class, but he was barely given the chance he deserves.


Darwin’s body has the ability to adapt to any situation, an incredibly broad and practical power that comes in handy often (growing gills in water, super strength when needed, etc). During a fight with the Hulk, instead of increasing his strength, his body simply teleported him away from the fight. He’s too cool of a character to pass up!



Forge is a Cheyenne Native American mutant with the ability to see mechanical energy and a superhuman intuition for invention, being able to craft highly advanced technological devices at a whim. Devices include a neutralizer gun that can deactivate any mutant’s powers, among others. He’s also romantically linked to Storm.



Easily one of the strangest X-Men in existence, Maggott is a South African man whose digestive system consists of two self-aware slugs, nicknamed Eany and Meeny; they crawl out of his abdomen and consume matter, which is converted into energy Maggott uses to increase his strength, size, speed, etc, which also turns his skin blue and eyes red. He can also draw psychic imprints from his environment, allowing him to see into the past or predict the future. He’s about as out-there as X-Men characters get, and he’d make for a great feature.



Hisako Ichiki is a Japanese mutant who can envelop her body in an impenetrable suit of energy armor that also bolsters her strength, reflexes, and durability. She’s one of many young students to be trained by Wolverine and is one of only 27 mutants in the comics who retains her powers after M-Day, an event that de-powered almost every mutant on Earth.


Lady Deathstrike

Another mutant who’s been featured in the series before (X2: X-Men United), but after the continuity wipe from Days Of Future Past, it’d be great to see her still kicking around. Yuriko Oyama is the daughter of the man who created the adamantium-bonding process that coated Wolverine’s bone claws, and along with being a highly skilled assassin, felt the need to become a cyborg with her own set of adamantium blades inserted into her fingernails.



An Apache Native American hero with superhuman strength, speed, and senses, Thunderbird served briefly on the X-Men before giving his life by ripping a fighter jet in half, a hell of a way to go out. His brother Warpath was featured in Days Of Future Past, but barely had his powers explained, so this family could use some fleshing out in the movies.




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