Ice Cube Should Have The Fans Help Him Produce Last Friday [VIDEO]

It’s been 13 years since the last time we caught up with Craig Jones, his erratic father Mr. Jones, his oblivious cousin Day-Day and the rest of the crew from Friday. Next week on Apr. 20, movie theaters around the country will allow fans to relive the first film in the series for one night only with the exclusive director’s cut of F. Gary Gray’s classic comedy. With the hype around the franchise reigniting once again, there’s only one question that remains. Will we ever get to see Last Friday?

Since 2012, Ice Cube has expressed his heightened interest in serving up the fans a final update of the notorious franchise. Now, during a recent interview with The Wrap, the star of all three films claims that the entire cast is ready to move forward with the final installment of the hilarious series.

“That’s my dream,” Cube said. “I think all the parties involved, all the people that’s been in the franchise, people from the first one to the third one, want to do another one. We might have to call it Last Friday because it might end up being the last one.”

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The film’s reoccurring cast members like Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Don “D.C.” Curry and Tommy “Tiny” Lister Jr will definitely have roles in the final film. There’s no telling if memorable characters played by Nia Long, Regina King, Katt Williams, and Faizon Love will appear. However, the neighborhood definitely wouldn’t be the same without Chris Tucker a.k.a Craig’s right-hand man Smokey, who has been dropping hints about his involvement with the project.

“I’m actually trying to help [the studio] come up with some ideas and be a part of the producing process with Cube to see if we can come up with something, so that might happen,” Tucker said during an interview with Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning.

According to Cube, it’s up to the film companies to step up to the plate to make the film happen. However, in the age where independent film and record companies are making huge waves, Cube should take it upon himself to spearhead the production, create a GoFundMe account, and make his dream a reality. Would you donate to Cube in order to make the film happen? Watch what he has to say about Last Friday above.

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