20 Foolproof Life Lessons From Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence Donut
Actor/comedian Martin Lawrence has been entertaining us with his genius brand of observational and physical comedy. With his stand-up specials, roles in film, and his iconic sitcom, Lawrence has also taught us some valuable lessons about life. Who can forget how he broke down the game of pool and how it’s a metaphor for race relations in America in Boomerang? 
Since the actor is turning the big 5-0 today, we thought we’d take a look at some of the life lessons he’s taught us throughout the years.
1. Black love is beautiful and is best when you can be silly with one another.
 martin 1A
2. The right shoes can make all the difference…
3. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.
4. Always have a comeback for those talking smack.
martin 4
5. It’s never a bad time to dance.
martin 5
6. Dealing with in-laws is the worst.
martin 6
7. You will have at least one neighbor from hell.
8. Your friends will call you out about your lies.


9. Never be afraid to check a person when they get out of line.
10. The DJ is always right.


11. Old people will kick your ass even when you think they can’t.
martin 11
12. You can and will be thrown out of someone’s home at the drop of a dime.
martin 12
13. Know your worth.
martin 13
14. You and your significant other’s best friend will probably never get along.
martin 14
15. Always make an entrance.
martin 15
16. You should never knock someone else’s hustle.
17. Unless they’re trying to date your daughter…
Martin Lawrence Bad Boys
 18. But know when to chill…
19. Remember who you are.
martin 17
20. And when in doubt, meditate on it…
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