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Jay Z Is Calling People Who Sign Up For TIDAL And Thanking Them

jay tidal

Ever wanted to pick up the phone and hear, “It’s ya boy!” on the other end? If you purchase TIDAL, your dream might come true.

BusinessInsider reports that Jay Z has been personally calling people who sign up for TIDAL and thanking them. Tidal executive Vania Schlogel said, “he called some of his fans and one of them made the funniest comment. He said ‘This is the best customer service call I’ve ever received!'”

Jack White and other huge artists aligned with the streaming service have been calling new users as well. But how do the artists get your phone number in the first place? TIDAL allegedly gives artists their own profiles which they can use to monitor who’s playing their music and access the contact info of users.

Sound creepy? Undoubtedly. But if you’re still mad about Roc-A-Fella breaking up, this is your chance to tell Jay how you feel.

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