Wu-Tang Member Responds To “Divorce Court” Claim: “That Shit’s Fake.”

One of the members of the Wu-Tang Clan has shot down the entire claim that the Wu-Tang Clan ran a train on a man’s wife. Earlier this week, “Divorce Court” tried an unusual case where the plaintiff claimed that his ex-wife “gave Wu some Tang” after one of their shows. According to the the husband, old girl was hanging out in their tour bus until 7 A.M. and came home in a taxicab. However, the woman claims that nothing went down at all.

“Let me put on the record that the Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen,” the woman said. “They treated me highly respectful and I would never cheat on him. Also, I don’t know if this is appropriate to say, but I would never be like a ‘bust down’ or a ‘groupie’ in that type of situation. I kept my lady points together… I met Wu-Tang, I went backstage and got on their tour bus, I went back to the hotel and hung out all night. It was amazing!”

Now Method Man is saying that the entire claim is fake. In response to a user’s repost about the episode on Instagram, Meth claimed that, if it were true, he would remember her and that she must have been an “old-er thot.”


The woman didn’t admit to any “bust down” or “groupie” behavior. But if Meth’s word is bond, then the husband really has no case here. Catch the clip from the Wu-tastic episode of “Divorce Court” above.

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